Billboard 1: Chart is in a Funk

Bruno Mars gets pitchforked Pitchforked

Jessica M. DeWitt: Editing and Consulting

This post is the first of what I foresee to be regular commentary on the weekly Billboard Top 100, aided by the killer YouTube channel, HRChart. I plan to comment on the top three songs and any other developments that interest me.

#1: “Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars” by Mark Ronson

  • Enjoying its eleventh week at #1, “Uptown Funk”‘s success is disappointing, but not surprising. It has the perfect amount of forced sappiness and happiness to appeal to the masses and create cross-generational pull. Admittedly, if Ronson had chosen a different lead singer, I could have perhaps gotten behind it because the beat is groove-able. However, I loathe Bruno Mars and cannot take any song seriously by someone who released such an atrocity as “The Lazy Song.” Vom. I’ll take some ‘Funk’ over “Happy” anyday though.

#2: “Sugar” by Maroon 5

  • As many women in their late twenties can…

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