Do Not Look Into the Manly Void: Horsbrugh, Pittsburgh, and Point State Park

Jessica M. DeWitt: Editing and Consulting

Sometimes a source just clicks. Sometimes the writer just jumps from the page and one begins to feel like they know the individual personally. This is how I feel about ol’ Patrick Horsbrugh–or Patty, as I like to call him– an architect and urban planner who, in 1963, published the report, Pittsburgh Perceived: A Critical Review of Form, Features and Feasibilities of the Prodigious City. I stumbled across Pittsburgh Perceived by accident whilst searching for another work on Google Books. But accidents can be fortuitous. Pittsburgh Perceived is a brilliant source for those who research environmental history, Pittsburgh history, park history, or the history of urban planning and has proven to be a crucial source for my dissertation and several conference papers, including “’Unsurpassed Natural Setting for a Great City’: An Urban Renaissance, Point State Park, the Ohio River Valley, and the National State Park Movement,” which I will be…

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