Built Heritage: Editorial Comments for Spring 2016 Issue of Folklore

Jessica M. DeWitt: Editing and Consulting

The following are my editorial comments for the Spring 2016 Issue of Folklore Magazine. To subscribe to the magazine and to become a member of the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society, go here and complete this form. Also follow SHFS on Facebook. Cover Photos: Two photos of M.R. Murray using card catalogues in the library, CA 1940. University of Saskatchewan, University Archives & Special Collections. Photographs A-3427, A-3426. Lower right: Destruction from the Regina Cyclone, 1912. Carnegie Library at far right. Adrian Paton Collection. Background: Books. Image courtesy of Kristin Enns-Kavanagh.

Buildings often serve as the focal points of our communities. They are where we live, gather, and work. Unlike other more ephemeral aspects of our culture, many buildings are a constant throughout generations, acting as physical monuments to the past, present, and future. When old buildings are torn down, like the Farnum Block in Saskatoon last spring

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